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Yucca was probably THE classic house plant of the 80’s; and, as with other notable things from that time, it is making a resounding, retro-cool comeback due to its angular, good looks and laid back care requirements. Yucca elephantipes (syn. Yucca gigantean, Yucca guatemalensis) has long, sword-like, yellow-green, arching leaves, which grow in a rosette from the top of a bare trunk. Unlike other Yucca varieties, the leaves are spineless. Perfect for adding some life-enhancing, indoor greenery, Yucca work really well displayed alongside other desert plants such as Dracaena, Beaucarnea and Cordyline (all part of the same family); add a cactus or two to create a distinctly chilled-out, ‘Western’ style vibe.

Light: Bright, direct sunlight. Will tolerate some light shade; however, this will slow its growth and lighten the leaf colour.

Water: Allow the top of the soil to dry out before watering. In low light conditions, allow half of the soil to dry out first. Can cope with some degree of drought. Ensure there is adequate drainage and don’t allow to sit in water.

Temperature: Adaptable to pretty much any indoor room temperature.

Feed: An occasional weak feed if anything

Care Tip: Leaf tips are sharp so take care whilst handling.

Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate indoor height 1-2m, but very slow growing.

Toxicity: Toxic to animals, keep away from pets.