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Nice, eye-appealing ghostly white coloration on the large, blemish-free round pumpkins.  Grown for their size, up to 50 pounds, and their clean white color, these hardy plants are known for their early fruit development and vigorous growth. Their stems are tough, hardy, disease-resistant, and unstoppable!  When done decorating with these beauties, consider trying the yellow flesh for roasting or in your fall harvest soups.

Foliage Color: Dark green
Plant Habit: Spreading, trailing, vining
Plant Height: 1-2 feet
Fruit Color (Harvest): White
Fruit Shape: Round, slightly elongated, large
Fruit Size: 15-18 inches
Fruit Weight: 25-30 pounds
Fruit Flavor Description: Pale yellow flesh that can be eaten or baked
Number Of Fruits Per Plant: 2-4
Disease Resistances or Tolerances: PM tolerance, Southern root rot resistance