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Purple waffle plant, also known as red ivy, is a tropical perennial that is commonly grown as a houseplant or as an outdoor annual. This is a specimen that has beautiful prostrate foliage with the added virtue of excellent air-purifying properties. The Hemigraphis genus includes about 30 tropical Asian species with leaves that are grey or green on the top and purple underneath. The purple waffle plant (H. alternata) has a deep puckering of each leaf, which doubles its surface area and increases the air-purifying characteristics.

Botanical Name Hemigraphis alternata
Common Name Purple Waffle Plant, Red Ivy
Plant Type Annual
Mature Size 6 in. tall, 8 in. wide
Sun Exposure Full, Partial
Soil Type Moist
Soil pH Slightly acidic neutral
Bloom Time Summer
Flower Color White (flowers are insignificant)
Hardiness Zones 10 to 11 (USDA)
Native Area Asia
Toxicity Non-toxic