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Moon Valley pilea’s deeply dimpled apple green leaves with bronze highlights inspired its common name.

Some of you may know it as friendship plant because it’s easy to start new plants from cuttings to pass along to friends.

Grow Moon Valley pilea in an African violet or similar rich well-drained potting mix. Water thoroughly when the top inch of soil is just starting to dry. Avoid overly dry or soggy soils that can result in leaf drop.

Place it among your other houseplants or on a gravel tray to increase the humidity around this tropical beauty.

Give it bright indirect light and a turn every so often to encourage even growth. Too much sun can scorch the leaves while too little results in leggy plants.

If the plant does become leggy with age, give it a pinch to promote more compact growth. And if it is too far gone, take cuttings and start a new plant.

A bit more information: Include this plant in terrariums. It thrives in the high humidity and only needs a bit of pinching and pruning to keep it compact and looking its best.