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Common Name Pilea Glauca, Pilea Silver Sparkle, Grey Baby Tears, Red-stemmed Pilea, Grey Artillery Plant
Light Requirements Bright, indirect sunlight, with up to 1-2 hours of direct sunlight in the early morning or late afternoon.
Watering Consistently moist soil. Water once the top half-inch of soil has dried out. Can be sensitive to water quality.
Soil An equal mix of peat and perlite works well. Any mix that drains very well but retains a little moisture will be perfect.
Temperature 70ºF (21ºC) to 80º (26ºC). Not frost-tolerant.
Fertilizer Fertilize monthly when actively growing with a balanced fertilizer.
Humidity Medium to high humidity.
Flowering Pilea glauca bears clusters of small, nondescript white, pink, or peach blossoms along its stems.
Pruning Prune to remove dead or damaged leaves and to maintain plant size and shape.
Propagation Stem cuttings root easily in soil or water.
Re-Potting Pilea glauca only needs to be repotted when showing signs of becoming rootbound.
Diseases and Pests Average susceptibility to most common houseplant pests. Diseases normally arise due to overwatering.
Toxicity Non-toxic to humans and animals.