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You should grow this chile despite its unusual shape. Appearances aside, this is a surprisingly good pepper with an excellent flavor balanced by a good amount of heat. Flavors are immediate and bright with almost fruity overtones showing up a few seconds later, just about the time the heat arrives. The heat builds steadily, equaling the flavors before beginning to subside a couple of minutes later. An excellent pepper for fresh, fermented or pickled uses to capture the flavor and heat.


The blush-inducing fruit grows fairly prolifically on dense plants 20 – 30” tall, well-shaded by a good leaf canopy. Pods are 3 – 5” long and 1 – 1 1/2” wide.

Heat levels will vary according to climate and moisture availability, but it is hotter than most jalapeños and parallels the famous Serrano chile in terms of overall heat. A good rule of thumb is the mildest peter pepper will always closely equal the hottest possible jalapeño.

The flavor arrives after the first hit of heat, with deliciously sweet and fruity notes, often described as bright and crisp. The flavor profile fully emerges during ripening, so the bright red fruits are excellent in spicing fresh salsas.