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Size & Growth

  • Teardrop Peperomia grows to be about 4″-6″ inches high and has a spread of about six inches.
  • Teardrop Peperomia is primarily grown for its foliage. It is a small, bushy, upright succulent with attractive, slightly furry, grayish-green leaves. Each leaf sports a white stripe down the center.

Flowering & Fragrance

  • Pixie produces unobtrusive flower spikes in shades of pale green and white during the late summer months.

Light & Temperature

  • Pixie Peperomia grows well outdoors in partial shade-to-part sun. Indoors it likes a setting with bright indirect sunlight.
  • The best indoor location for this plant is an east-facing window. In rooms with southern or western exposure, set the plant several feet away from the window.