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Height: 60″ tall Culture: Part Sun to Light Shade Origin: United States Eupatorium perfoliatum is a lovely native perennial found in every state east of the Mississippi River (and a few west), but only rarely seen in gardens. Eupatorium perfoliatum forms a 5′ tall ornamental clump of fuzzy, green, pointed, perfoliate (the stems runs through the middle of the leaves) foliage. The clumps are topped with an attractive spray of white butterfly-favorite flowers from late August into October. In the garden, boneset prefers an evenly moist site for best results. In its medicinal life, boneset is used to treat disease-related bone pain, fevers, colds, constipation, sluggish organ functions, as an anti-inflammatory agent, and my favorite…to treat “worn-out constitutions from inebriety.” How did you live without an Eupatorium perfoliatum in your garden?