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This plant is rather diminutive. The leaves are widely spaced along the upright stems, giving the plant an open, airy appearance. The upthrust foliage curves gracefully ourward and backward. The plane , distinctly vertical, is an ideal choice for small side yards and planter boxes. It is an excellent container plant for a shaded terrace or lanai and may be placed inside a room provided with sufficient window lighting.

Dracaena sanderiana is a vertical, woody, evergreen shrubby species with slender stems and flexible strap-shaped leaves that grow as understorey plants in rainforests. It is an upright shrub growing to 1.5 metres (5 ft) tall, with leaves 15-25 cm (6-10 in) long and 1.5-4 cm (1-2 in) broad at the base. branching if it occurs, is from low down on the stem. Indoor height rarely exceeds 90cm (3ft).

It’s not really a bamboo. This member of the Dracaena genus has been around a long time, but has become a favorite of feng shui enthusiasts because it is believed to enhance chi energy and bring good luck. It is marketed in the developed world as a Chinese decorative plant “Lucky Bamboo” (although unrelated to Bamboo and not native to Asia), propagated from short cuttings, usually in water.

Proper Care: Dracaena sanderiana requires a constant clean water source and well lit area. It must maintain moisture and it is important to keep it out of direct sunlight. The Dracaena sanderiana does not require pruning, but fertilizing it occasionally with the Lucky Bamboo liquid fertilizer may help it healthy.
Dracaena sanderiana is a tender dracaena, this plant requires protection from excessive sun and wind; it prefers areas of rich, well-watered, well-drained soil; nor a dryland or beach plant.

Dracaena sanderiana has a slow growth rate and is easy to be transplanted.

Light: bright indirect light. In it’s native environment Dracaena sanderiana receive an ample amount of light. However, the surrounding plants shade the Dracaena sanderiana from direct exposure to the sun. Too much direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn. It is important that the Dracaena sanderiana receive adequate light; lack of light will cause week growth, stretching and poor color. Low light conditions will, also, cause stunted growth and inhibit new leaf growth. The light requirements for Dracaena sanderiana are the same whether grown in water or in soil.

TemperatureDracaena sanderiana needs moderate temperature. Normal household temperatures are fine 16-24°C (60-75°F). However, placing Dracaena sanderiana next to an air vent or a door can cause problems due to rapid temperature changes.

Dracaena sanderiana grown in Water:
Dracaena sanderiana grown in water is known under the common name Lucky Bamboo. Erect, bright green, cane-like stem with terminal, corkscrew twist bearing shoots of small, lance-shaped, parallel-veined, green leaves.
Water: Water level should be at least 5cm (2 in). Make sure the roots are covered with water; add water to keep the water level constant. Every couple of weeks change the water completely. Refill the container with clean water. Dracaena sanderiana is sensitive to the salts and chemicals in tap water; use distilled water or rainwater if possible. If you must use tap water let it set in an open container over night; this will let the chlorine evaporate. However, there is no way to remove the fluoride from the tap water. Fluoride can cause leaf tips to turn brown. Low humidity can cause leaf tips to turn brown as well. Mist the leaves of the Dracaena sanderiana every couple of days if lack of humidity is a problem.