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The dracaena adds a lot of drama to any home with its bushy qualities. Dracaena is a popular houseplant originating from Madagascar and other Indian ocean islands. It can reach a height of three feet indoors. There are over 40 species of dracaena, and they come in a wide range of shapes, colours, and patterns. Dracaena also improves air quality and helps remove formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon dioxide particles

Light: Medium to bright indirect light; keep out of direct sunlight

Water: Water thoroughly; allow top half of soil to dry out between watering

Humidity: 40-50%

Temperature: 18° – 24°C / 65° – 75°F

Feeding: Fertilize with balanced liquid plant fertilizer at half strength every two weeks during the spring and summer. Reduce fertilization to once a month during fall

Toxicity: Mildly toxic; may cause vomiting and lack of appetite