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Temperature: Average room temperatures of 55 – 75°F (13 – 24°C) are best suited for Begonias…and no less than 55°F.
Light: This plant is not in favor of direct sun. This is because the leaves are sensitive to getting scorched. In their natural habitat most Begonias grow under cover. Bright light is best and during the winter some morning or late afternoon sun is fine.
Watering: From spring – fall you will need to water this plant often, especially while it’s in bloom. Keep the soil moist to the touch slightly, but do not overwater. During winter cut down watering and allow the top soil to become dry to the touch before watering again.
Soil: African Violet ready made potting soil works well. Otherwise use a rich soilless well draining potting mix.
Fertilizer: From spring – fall feed the plant while the soil is damp every 2 weeks. Use a high potassium diluted feed of 5-10-5. This seems to work well in keeping the leaves and flowers looking healthy.
Repotting: While the plant is young I would repot every year in a pot slightly bigger. Once it matures every 2 years. Clay pots work well because they tend to release moisture easier, preventing root problems from stagnant water. An added benefit of using a clay pot is it will keep the plant more sturdy once it matures in height and prevent it from toppling over.
Humidity: This plant enjoys a good amount of humidity. You can mist around the plant area, but I advise you not to water the leaves in case it causes spots or patches on them.
Propagation: You may take take a few inches (4 – 6in) or more of stem cuttings with or without a leaf attached and without flowers. You want a node or more on the stem where a new flower will begin to grow. The stem cutting can be placed in water or in perlite (use a rooting hormone with perlite) until growth appears then it can be potted in soil. I prefer to stick with placing in water to see the roots form. These can also be grown from seed that is much more difficult for the average grower.
Pruning: To keep your Begonia well formed and within the size you can manage indoors, prune back stems and pinch out stem tips that are growing too tall. Pruning will encourage new growth making the plant look much rounder and healthier.