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Striped Tuber Oat Grass may appear spiky, but its leaves are soft and pliable. Its narrow foliage has conspicuous white and dark-green variegation. As it grows, it appears almost all white. It reaches eight inches and will produce attractive flowers in cool climates, but does not flower in areas with hot summer nights. This is a slow-spreading ground cover. It is also quite drought and soil tolerant. A cool-season grass, it grows in the early spring and fall and dies back in the middle of summer. Arrhenatherum elatiusssp. bulbosum ‘Variegatum’ can be cut back in the dog days of summer to allow fresh new growth to appear when cooler temperatures return. It is called Tuber Oat Grass because of its underground tubers.

  • Shade Tolerant


  • Growth rate: medium
  • Can be grown in 1 or 2 gallon; larger sizes can be done, but not recommended
  • Grow in well-drained soil
  • Watering: keep evenly moist
  • Fertilizing: slow-release fertilizer, medium rate
  • Possible pests: aphids, leaf spot, rust
  • Overwintering: cold frame with clear poly, do not overwater
  • Goes dormant in summer; in summer, do not overwater or fertilize.


  • One of the brightest of the white grasses
  • Great contrast to dark green plants
  • Cool-season grass
  • Spreads by underground tubers forming an interesting low groundcover
  • Great for early spring or fall sales
  • Use in container plantings