At Trevisanutto’s we design and grow custom planters for your garden.. A custom planter is simply a pot or hanging basket designed by the customer or ourselves. The customer chooses the colours and plants for the container and we help with the design and planting process in our greenhouses to grow a beautiful finished custom container. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pot for your custom container garden, you can always purchase one from us. 

We have a variety of plants for you to choose from. We make sure each pot contains plants that will flourish in location you will be placing it in. We work with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the overall look of the planter once it is fully bloomed. Please come in today and ask us questions about this process. We love meeting new people and hope we can make your garden an extension of you. 

Trevisanutto’s Custom Services grow and design planters, creating something unique and beautiful for your garden or event. Planning ahead is key in the custom growing process. During the spring season we can create custom planters in a matter days if no specific plant varieties are needed. Contact us today with your questions and for more information about our Custom Container Services. Let us grow your project and care for it in our greenhouses until it’s ready for pick up.
Our selections vary and we strongly encourage you come in earlier in the season for the best and largest selection of plants.  

With our experience and your ideas, we’ll create some amazing results. Create your custom container garden today.